EASY outing FOR 2 KIDS: THE library

When I very first ended up being a mom of two, I was scared to be left alone at house with my newborn as well as practically three-year old. Unfortunately, I was likewise scared to take them both out of the house. I have come to believe that I’m-a-rookie-again stress and anxiety is completely typical as well as that my worry of trips was not unfounded: I only have so numerous arms.

My second-baby-having regional good friends as well as I recognized an arsenal of fenced-in playgrounds that were our risk-free spaces. While fenced in, our older kids might not roam off as well far while we were stuck on a bench nursing the infant or altering a diaper.

Today, Stef from Ask A Nanny suggested one more risk-free location for taking two kids: the library. I asked her for the hows as well as whys, as well as here’s what she said.


As a longtime nanny, cavorting about on my own with two youngsters as a task is a no-brainer; I am prepared for anything. I am professional, prepared as well as chipper! At home, however, when the youngsters are my own, it’s one more story. I’m exhausted from working all week; I am annoyed that “sleeping in” is the exact same as my “getting up early”; as well as I lost my coffee somewhere in the home once again ”“ so we requirement to get OUT!

I like going to the library with my oldest. At four years old, he’s extremely curious about all kind of things like rain-forests, sharks, dinosaurs, as well as poop. however today was my six month old’s very first see to the library. I couldn’t wait to see what on the board book shelf brought a grin to his face: a hungry caterpillar? A carrot that wouldn’t grow? perhaps some hectic penguins? Nope, it was infants eating, of course!

Tips for going to the library with a infant as well as a huge kid:

Find the very best library. If there is a library near you with a completely separate children’s section, go there ”“ your toddler will roam as well as climb things. In the kids’ section, you can blend in.

Go at lunchtime. When you have a infant with you, the fewer huge youngsters there, the better. For us this implied it was risk-free sufficient for me to peel off my youngest as well as set him up on a blanket in the infant section. then I might scout out some books for my oldest without fretting a 6-year old would come running by.

Bring a stroller. I, unfortunately, had forgotten to tons it into the trunk, so it was a great thing I had the the Ergo (yes, together with the 2 tons of books as well as the diaper backpack, all somehow connected to me).

Drop off your returns outside (if you can) where you can be loud about it, since 2 tons of books being returned one by one by a 3 year old can a) take a while as well as b) get a bit noisy.

Limit the number of board books you inspect out. Those buggers are heavy!

Sit, checked out to your babies, as well as delight in the powerfully calming environment of the library.

I understood it was time for us to leave when much more youngsters began to filter in, so I strapped the infant back onto my body as well as hauled our stack of what seemed like 40 lbs of books over to the self inspect out as well as patiently waited (i.e. bounced around the now unraveling 6 month old) for my oldest to scan each book. We then headed home, where amidst the drama of preschooler hunger pangs, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel: I discover it ”“ my coffee ”“ in the microwave, best where I had left it.

Stef is the professional nanny behind the parenting guidance site AskaNanny.com, where concerns about your zero to three-year old get answered for free. She lives in San Francisco with her hardworking, loving, as well as extremely supportive other half (who is likewise her editor) as well as her two angelic children.

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